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Welcome to World Wide Equine's Instruments for Horse Dentistry

Full Service Shop, We Build, Rebuild and Repair

John and Karl at One of Our Mills

Blacksmith Shop, This Is Where All The Hot Work Gets Done

John and Karl at One of Our Mills

Karl and John at work, World Wide Equine, Glenns Ferry, Idaho USA

World Wides top technicians at work with one of our milling machines

Jesus and Kiko In Our Finish Room

Blacksmith Shop, This Is Where All The Hot Work Gets Done

John and Karl at One of Our Mills

Kiko and Jesus at work in buffing room at World Wide Equine, Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA

Jesus and Kiko have been with us for over twenty years making beautiful instruments for our faithful customers

Blacksmith Shop, This Is Where All The Hot Work Gets Done

Blacksmith Shop, This Is Where All The Hot Work Gets Done

Blacksmith Shop, This Is Where All The Hot Work Gets Done

World Wide Equine blacksmith shop

This is where the forge work gets done.

Lloyd Grinding Blades

Showroom, Office and Shipping

Blacksmith Shop, This Is Where All The Hot Work Gets Done

Welding and grinding shop at World Wide Equine, Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA

Lloyd manages all aspects of the factory:

Leather Work, Welding, Forge Work, Finish, Rebuilts, Machine Work, and More...

Leather Shop

Showroom, Office and Shipping

Showroom, Office and Shipping

World Wide Equine's leather shop

We use the finest leather money can buy on our products.  All speculum straps are hand cut, edged, stitched, waxed, dyed, assembled and oiled.

Showroom, Office and Shipping

Showroom, Office and Shipping

Showroom, Office and Shipping

Front Office at World Wide Equine

Lola runs the  front office of our 13000 square foot factory.  When you call it's most likely you will hear her competent friendly voice.  We are here to fill your needs.  Thank You for Your Business.

World Class Technicians In Our Full Service Repair Shop

Equine Dental Instruments from World Wide Equine

Horse Power Conversions

Convert Internal Components of Horse Power Units “Big John” to World Wide’s MMXV

Avoid continued costly repair bills with long lived non-corrosive reasonably priced 

WWE Conversion Parts.

World Wide Equine has converted many Horse Power Units over to their non-corrosive internal system installing their tested gears, titanium drive shafts and bearings.  If the customer wishes, rusting gear boxes can be replaced with WWE’s stainless steel gear box which will run Super Burrs.

Conversions for Horse Power Hand Pieces to MMXV Internal Shaft, Gears and Bearings   Run $600.00+- 

To Include New Stainless Steel Gear Box Add Approximately: $150.00 +-.  Keyway and square drive wrenches sold separately.

To lower your maintenance costs and reduce future repair bills call Lloyd, John, Lola or Dale at 208-366-2550 *** 208-366-2569 or email wwequine@horsedentistry.com for more information about Horse Power upgrades. 

We have many satisfied customers with these converted units.

Coming Events, Sales, Classes, Etc.

April 2020 classes start on the 6th with 100/600 level training.


The MMXV is the first and last instrument I use while floating horses.  The weight, balance and ergonomic design make it a pleasure to use.  I’m very impressed with the stainless steel head.  It won’t dent, even when chewed on.  I’ve floated over 1000 head with this smooth running instrument.  I definitely give it a thumbs up.  Jeff Micheel CEqD

I have used the MMXV on approximately 2800 horses and it is still running flawlessly.  The light weight really makes a difference through a long day of horses.  The hexagonal handle, I didn’t think I would like, but to my surprise it is more comfortable and user friendly than the round handles of other hand pieces on the market.  The gear set of this unit runs really smooth with no vibrations.  I am very familiar with the inner mechanics of multiple other hand pieces and the MMXV is Superior.  World Wide Equine eliminated the ball bearings that would wear out and have to be replaced yearly for most practitioners.  They replaced most bearings with long lived, rifled, grease-able, non-rusting, sleeve bearings.  The drive shaft is larger (5/16”) light weight space age non-rusting titanium so warping or rusting would be a feat.  All together this new unit is very light, smooth, comfortable and should last for thousands of horses.  Tyler Dees, DVM CEqD

2019 MMXV Units

Units are light, quiet, strong and long lived.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed through our 30 day return policy.  

World Wide Equine MMXV's and Foredom TX Flex Shaft Motors

We like to run our MMXV hand pieces on Foredom's TX Series Motors.  These heavy duty 1/3rd horse power motors run from 500 to 15,000 RPM.  They are made in key-way and square drive.  We use diamond burrs and disks, cleaning them frequently maximizing their cutting ability and reducing heat from friction.  Clean sharp burrs are a must for proper dental maintenance.  We have found that higher speeds are advantageous over lower speeds for maximum tooth removal, minimal heat build up and comfort for the horse.  Most competitive products use lower speed drills and die grinders to run their hand pieces.  I have found the lower speed units take much longer to get the job done and burrs and disks bounce around making horses and burrs harder to control. Dale Jeffrey, Principal, Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc.

TX Motor Description: Series TX motors are Foredoms most powerful flex shaft machines with 1/3HP. They have permanent magnet DC motors that feature the latest in flex shaft technology. These ball bearing models utilize advanced rare earth magnets (in place of the wound fields in our universal type Series SR motors) that deliver more torque at the low end and throughout the entire speed range of 500 to 15,000 RPM. No other flex shaft gives you greater control of the cutting tool, drill, or burr under any load.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make your instruments in house?

We make about 85% in house in our full service machine shop.  All MMXV hand pieces, 2000 and 4000 series speculums, molar forceps, molar cutters, hanging dental halters, burrs, over 10 varieties of hand floats and fine, medium and coarse blades in regular and fast cut, dental picks, elevators, fullcrums , cap forceps and more.

What type of repair work do you do?

We have a full service shop and factory repairing , refurbishing  and rebuilding floats and  blades   We build all our own blades to the  highest specification and re-sharpen most brands.  Try our new  longer lived Fast Cut blades.

Do you work on other instruments besides the ones you make?

We repair Horse Power, Carbide Products, Capps, Equine Specialties and High Plains Equine hand pieces and build quite a few custom instruments.  If you have something you want built give us a call.  We may be able to help you with your project.