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Welcome to World Wide Equine's Instruments for Horse Dentistry

Equine Dentistry Museum Housed at World Wide Equine

1939 German Speculum Donated by Ray Long

World Wide Equine Dental Museum

One of many equine dentistry speculums in the museum collection housed at the World Wide Equine Factory

A Large Variety of Old Bits

World Wide Equine's Bit and Spur Collection

The museum sports a display of many old bits.

Veterinary Saddle Bags, 1875

Veterinarian Saddle Bags, 1870 in World Wide Equine's Dental Museum

Original tip out style saddle bags with original bottles.

Our collection includes seven different incisor cutters from the 1800's.

Historic Incisor Cutters, Saw and Incisor Foceps

Pictured era 1890 incisor cutters,  saw and forceps.

Era 1850 Vet Wagon

1850's Veterinarian Wagon in World Wide Equine's Dental Museum

Restored by the World Wide Equine employees and staff.

Original Hand Made Floats

Hand Made Equine Dental Floats, 1800's

Hand blacksmithed floats from the 1800's.  Stop in and visit if you get a chance.  The World Wide Equine Crew