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Dale Jeffrey, eGTI Principal



Equine Dentist Biography: Dale Jeffrey

Born in 1941 and raised on a livestock farm in eastern Nebraska. Parents Louis D. and Ruby J. Jeffrey were also raised on diversified farms as grand sons and daughters of early homesteaders. Dale, his brother and three sisters were raised with horses and cattle. Early activities included horseback riding, hunting, fishing, trapping, piano, guitar, football and track followed by some college and farm management that included raising grain crops, horses and cattle.

Upon completion of high school he spent 4 years serving our country in the United States Air Force after which he attended college in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is where and when he began horse training, shoeing and equine dentistry. He built his first horse dental instruments while racing horses in Prescott, Arizona. After injuring his back he returned to Nebraska where he continued his horse related career by building equine dental instruments, teaching horse dentistry, running a stud farm, saddle shop and horseshoeing supply business. Dale dedicated more time to the dental instrument business and horse dentistry school as they continued to grow.

He has been in the equine dental business for over 39 years. He was the original founder of the International Association of Equine Dentistry,  Horse Dentistry and Bitting Journal and the Academy of Equine Dentistry. Although no longer affiliated with the Academy of Equine Dentistry he is proud of the fact that he has had something to do with the training of thousands of the successful practitioners of today. 

Dale and his brother Lloyd own and operate World Wide Equine Inc., a company building over 350 quality equine dental instruments that are shipped to over 60 countries. He also owns and operates the Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc. with his partner, Mr. Bert Lambert. Dale always wanted to help horses and found his niche as a practitioner, author, teacher and mentor. He is well traveled and has worked and lectured in many countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, England, Ireland, Australia and much of North America. He is the author of many published gnathological studies and six books on equine dentistry. His latest text, over five years in production, “Oral Health in Equidae” is a 300 page full color course text book covering fundamental equine gnathology. It is the text used by his Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc. in their 3000 square foot refurbished classroom in downtown Glenns Ferry, Idaho. It is also used in several other popular equine dental schools.   He is currently working on a popular  Advanced Equine Dentistry Guide along with many new instruments being developed by brother Lloyd and their dedicated staff.

His schools primary goal is to help horses and the people who care for them by teaching the least abusive time tested gnathological methods.  EGTI does this through regular two week sessions and three to eight day advanced sessions along with the most comprehensive certification program in the World today.. 

At 78 years of age Dale holds a 2015 lifetime achievement award from the International Association of E quine Dentistry and one Honorary Veterinary Degree in Equine Dentistry. He owns and operates Medicine Wheel Ranch where he trains saddle, draft horses and oxen, raising hay, orchard grass seed, oats and other crops.  Dale continues to teach and write about gnathological principles. In addition he works closely with his brother Lloyd at World Wide Equine, Inc., their dental instrument company. 

School website:  www.horsedentistry.info  

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Dale Jeffrey
Dale Jeffrey