About Us

World Wide Equine, Inc. is owned by the Jeffrey brothers, Dale and Lloyd, and manufacturers over three hundred different equine gnathological instruments. They both work for the company full time and design their products with the help of company staff, other equine gnathological practitioners and master instrument makers from around the World to provide high quality prophylaxis and equilibration for horses with the least stress possible. Their mission is to help the horse through interested, educated, properly trained people using the highest quality instruments available in the World today. They do their best to listen to the practitioner's needs, as well as the horse's needs and attempt to fill them.

The Jeffrey Brothers invite you to browse through their store and shop with confidence inviting you to create an account with them if you like, or shop as their guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store. 

Their business is family owned and Idaho based. It is dedicated to the advancement of general knowledge concerning maintenance and care of horses teeth through education, improved instrumentation, related products and customer service.

The items featured on their site have been lab tested on horses at Glenns Ferry, Idaho and field tested in 50 states and more than 50 foreign countries. Items have been found to be effective and useful for their respective purposes. Their instruments perform very well with proper care. They are often coppied but never duplicated.

Thank you for inquiring and considering the Jeffrey brother's instruments and equipment. They will do their best to maintain reasonable prices. All their products are shipped freight on board from their factory in Glenns Ferry, Idaho USA.  All prices are effective immediately and subject to change without notice.

You may order by regular mail, email, phone, fax or from their online shopping carts at www.wwe-idaho.com or www.horsedentistry.com. Idaho residents are charged 6% sales tax. Foreign residents should remit payment in United States funds. When wiring funds from another country please contact our office for instructions. Because of sizeable bank charges there is a $1000.00 minimum order when wiring funds .

The Jeffrey Brother's  mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to their customers at the lowest prices possible. They take great pride in their company and their commitment to customer service and  the products they sell. Their online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse their product catalog. Their company and staff are very experienced shippers sending instruments all over the World for over 30 years.  Your credit card information cannot be compromised or shared  Feel free to call 208-366-2550, 208-366-2569, Fax: 208-366-2870 or email wwequine@horsedentistry.com if we may be of service.

The Jeffrey Brother's World Wide Equine Inc. and Staff