Zero Degree Compound Cutter 26"
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510 2261 26 00 OH * Compound cutters can be used to cut most cheek teeth.  Primarilly they are designed to cut large protuberant teeth, often those of the upper arcades or batteries.  When the jaws are opened they fit most upper teeth squarely and work well aiding in placement and accomplishing a controled cut.  The heads of the cutters are cast from tool grade stainless steel and then hardened.  They are beautifully made and polished to a mirror finish.  You may find other cutters but none with the strength of this pair from the Jeffrey brothers.  They have been improving their quality and strength for nearly thirty years. 

Practitioners Choice: *****

  • A Great Item at a Very Good Price:
  • Fast Cutting:
  • Good Working Unit:
  • Great Leverage, Easy Grip:
  • Heavy Duty:
  • Strongest Cutter Made:
  • Works Well on Horses, Mules, Donkeys and Cattle:
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 510 2261 26 00 OH

Zero Degree Compound Cutter 26"

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