Simple Joint Lower Molar Cutters
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We make simple joint cutters for cutting lower cheek teeth or teeth about the width of horse lower teeth.  The handles are closed and provide lots of leverage.  Be careful not to pinch yourself; keep your fingers and body parts out from between the handles.

The "A" head cutter is the closed head and works well on lower front cheek teeth and slab fracture style protuberant teeth.

The "A/B" head cutter is slightly open and gets the job done on small back lower ramps and other small protuberant teeth.

The "B" head cutter is a little more open and does a great job on medium size back ramps and various other medium size protuberant teeth. 

The "C" head cutter is our largest cutting head; this cutter works well on most of the larger teeth within the lower cheek teeth batteries.

For more information on cutting teeth see, "Oral Health in Equidae" by Jeffrey.  #100 0115 in our book section.

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Simple Joint Lower Molar Cutters

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