Patented Apple Core Super Burr
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Equine Dental Burr: Patent #: US 9,320,583 B2

Patented Apple Core Premolar, Bit Seat and Canine Burr:  This guarded patented Super Burr is well balanced and comes with 30 grit split blue diamond.  It has a alarge surface area and a long life.  The guard stops when it touches soft tissue.  If the guard becomes damaged it can be replaced.  It is designed to be used in large hand pieces such as Dremel and Foredom with 1/4" collets.  This is a burr designed to put out a lot of work quickly and give quality service.  We have spared no expense in the split blue diamond plating. Our patented guard is the same style as used on our Super Burrs for our Super Float.

NOTE:  Clean and Lube Guard Before Storing; See Maintenance Instructions At


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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 720 SB 01

Patented Apple Core Super Burr

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