Parts:  Our parts category has several subcategories listed as:

  1.   Parts: 2000 Series Speculum Parts
  2.   Parts: 4000 Series Speculum Parts 
  3.   Parts: Floats
  4.   Parts: Foredom
  5.   Parts: Lighting
  6.   Parts: Miscellaneous
  7.   Parts: Blades, Ropes, Hammers, Buckets, Tables, Stands
  8.   Parts: High Plains Equine
  9.   Parts: Horse Power
  10. Parts: Handles´╗┐

Scroll to and click on the subcategory of interest below; then click on the item of interst in that category to fill your needs.´╗┐

Resharpening Service for 3" Blades:  $39.95@

Resharpening Service for 2" Blades:  $38.45@

Resharpening Service for 1" Blades:  $29.45@

If you are having trouble filling your order or can't find a product you need please call us at 208-366-2569 or 208-366-2550 or email and we will do our best to help; we are a family business building over 350 different items. We custom build a variety of instrumentation for practitioners with special needs or circumstances and rebuild most for about half price. As always we thank you for your business.