Our Best Replacement Leather Set for All 2000 Series Speculums
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Equine Dental Speculum Replacement Leather Set

Our best replacement leather set fits all 2000 series speculums.  These doubled and stitched quality leather straps are hand crafted in the Jeffrey Brother's leather shop.  The brothers and their staff glue two sides of leather together.  The top side is quality English strap leather and the bottom side is grade "A" latigo.  After the sides dry they are cut into strips and cut to appropriate lengths.  They are then grooved on both sides where the thread will lie.  After the thread grooves are cut they are carefully stitched taking care to keep the thread in the lowest part of the groove trough.  This process prevents wear of the thread and increases the life of the strap.  Holes are then punched in the straps in their appropriate positions, edges are dyed, waxed and burnished.  Straps are then oiled with the best silicone lanolin leather oil on the market.  They are then assembled with quality hardware prior to shipping or placed on speculums ready for market.

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Our Best Replacement Leather Set for All 2000 Series Speculums

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