Molar Cutters

World Wide Equine manufactures two types of molar cutters, compound and simple joint.  Our larger compound cutters have the greatest leverage.  The straight one will cut upper and lower cheek teeth where our 30 degree compound cutter is designed to cut primarily anterior teeth of the upper arcades.  Four styles of simple joint cutters are manufactured; ("A" Closed Head), ("A/B Slightly Open Head for small caudal ramps and protuberances), ("B" Medium Open Head for average back ramps in medium size horses) and ("C" Open Head, the most open head for most lower cheek teeth.  For the most part simple joint cutters are mostly for lower cheek teeth where open head compound cutters can be used pretty much wherever they fit the teeth.

 If you are having trouble filling your order or can't find a product you need please call us at 208-366-2569 or 208-366-2550 or email and we will do our best to help; we are a family business building over 350 different items. We custom build a variety of instrumentation for practitioners with special needs or circumstances and rebuild most for about half price. As always we thank you for your business.