207 LP Resharpenable Low Profile Floats With Interchangeable Heads
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Horse Dental Float

207 LP * HORSE FRIENDLY 17" LOW PROFILE FLOAT WITH FULL SIZE BLADE AVAILABLE IN 8" STRAIGHT, PISTOL GRIP OR IAN WHARTON STYLE HANDLES:  Once you have tried this horse friendly low profile full size float you won’t go back to the old style blade holder. It fits along the upper buccal cheek teeth very well and can be used where soft tissue damage inhibits most floating with bulkier blades.  Dressing of small back lower ramps has never been easier.  The blade can be replaced easily and sharpened three to five times depending on wear and tear.   The handle may be dipped and sealed for easier cleansing and better grip in cold weather.  Specify (none, black, red, yellow or blue) colors.  Handles come in three styles; straight, pistol grip and Ian Wharton.


To change the blade warm up the head and peel off the old blade with a knife or sharp instrument.  Clean the float head with acetone, peel the tape backing from the replacement blade and press it into the blade holder.  Protect the blade with some type of material and seat it with even pressure.  A small bench vice works well for this purpose.



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Low Profile Floats

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