231 7000 09 02 LPBS * Low Profile Centered Head Bit Seat Float
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Equine Dental Float

231 7000 09 02 LPBS * Low profile centered head bit seat float or premolar roller with a full length milled positioning or placement indicator groove in the back of the shaft.  All round shaft World Wide Equine floats have a milled groove in the back of the shaft to aid the practitioner in float head placement.  These beautiful floats are hand crafted by our skilled personnel that take the time to build an instrument that will fill your needs and give you the service you deserve.  "This particular instrument is one of my all time favorites where quality bit seats are a must."  Dale Jeffrey

To change the blade warm up the head and peel off the old blade with a knife or sharp instrument.  Clean the float head with acetone, peel the tape backing from the replacement blade and press it into the blade holder.  Protect the blade with some type of material and seat it with even pressure.  A small bench vice works well for this purpose.

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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 231 7000 09 02 LPBS

Low Profile Centered Head Bit Seat Float

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