231 7000 15 02 LPCF * Low Profile 15" Centered Head Cattle Float
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Cattle Dental Float

231 7000 15 02 LPCF * Low Profile 15" Centered Head Cattle Float * This 15" centered float is designed to remove the sharp lingual points from the lower batteries or arcades of cheek teeth in cattle.  It is of a good length for most full sized cattle.  The short head length lets the float follow the pronounced curve of Spee of the lower batteries.  Long lasting carbide blades make this float an economical wonder.  Carbide blades come in fine and  medium.  Handles may be dipped in black, red, blue or yellow for a small additional charge.  Dipped handles are more waterproof than regular handles.

To change the blade warm up the head and peel off the old blade with a knife or sharp instrument.  Clean the float head with acetone, peel the tape backing from the replacement blade and press it into the blade holder.  Protect the blade with some type of material and seat it with even pressure.  A small bench vice works well for this purpose.

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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 231 7000 15 02 LPCF

Low Profile 15 Inch Centered Head Cattle Float

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