Leather Dental Halter With Solid Brass Fittings
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Equine Dental Halter

815 2374 * Double Stitched Leather Halter:  This is our finest halter built by a 5th generation halter making family in Kentucky.  It is a strong long lasting unit built especially for equine dental work from quality leather.  The halter has buckles on both sides of the poll strap and one over the nose making it very versatile and adjustable.  When you want you can drop it around the neck so it doesn't interfere with your speculum or dental work.  The nose band is large enough that you have plenty of room to open your speculum and work on most horses.  It is not a draft horse size unit but we use them on a regular basis on most other horses.  Practitioners report it is a very good unit for the money it costs.

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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 815 2374

Leather Dental Halter With Solid Brass Fittings

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