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Equine Dentistry Float Handle Styles

Float Handle Styles: World Wide Equine manufactures floats in several different handle styles:

  • Pistol Grip:  No Dip
  • Ian Wharton Style Pistol Grip:  No Dip
  • 8" Regular Straight Foam Grip:  No Dip
  • 2.5" Straight Grip:  No Dip

Replacement foam handles are available in black foam in 8", 5", 4" and 2.5".

To have handles dipped floats need to be returned to the factory. 

World Wide Equine offers a complete refurbishing/rebuilding service for all float and most other equipment.  To have floats refurbished and handles dipped return them to:  World Wide Equine, Inc., P.O. Box 1040, 91 West 1st Avenue, Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA.  Thank You For Your Business! 

The Jeffrey Brothers´╗┐

  • Practitioner Friendly Float Handles:
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 8 FRH

Handles * Handle Styles * Foam Replacement Handles

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