Guarded Patented Super Burr, Fits Horsepower Hand Pieces
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Equine Dentistry

WW SB 2  * Patented Guarded Super Burr #: US 9,320,583 B2,  Fits Horsepower hand pieces.

One of the longest lasting lowest profile burs on the market today featuring split blue diamond.  The burr has twice the surface, more than twice the diamond and over twice the life compared to other burrs.

The bearing guard sets well into the outer end of the burr.  When the guard touches tissue it stops turning preventing scalding and burning of sensitive areas.  The guard can be hand held for accurate burring.  See adjoining photos:

Practitioners Choice: *******

Maintenance Suggestions:

After use clean around the guard and place some oil, WD-40, etc. in the crack between the guard and burr body, then spin a few times to make sure the guard is free.  This will help insure a long life for your burr guard.  Don't forget to grease the gear head on your handpiece a couple of times a day and after use.

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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: WW SB 2

Guarded Patented Super Burr, Fits Horsepower Hand Pieces

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