Floats, Hand Held

World Wide Equine manufactures and handles a wide range of hand floats for horses, mules, donkeys, cattle and other animals with erupting teeth.  The following list of subcategories covers most styles:

  1.   Floats * 7000 Series - Slim Line - Pro Lite
  2.   Floats * Bit Seat - Molar Roller Floats
  3.   Floats *  Canine
  4.   Floats * Capps
  5.   Floats * Cattle
  6.   Floats * Chip
  7.   Floats * Incisor
  8.   Floats * Low Profile
  9.   Floats * Standard With Interchangeable Heads
  10. Floats * Upper Back
  11. Floats * Grip Styles

Resharpening Service for 3" Blades:  $39.95@

Resharpening Service for 2" Blades:  $38.45@

Resharpening Service for 1" Blades:  $29.45@

Ship Blades To:  World Wide Equine, 91 West 1st Ave., Glenns Ferry, Idaho, 83623

There are 10 subcategories of floats listed under the main (float) category.  Category 11 depicts our selection of handles.  Scroll to the float subcategory above in which you are interested, then search that subcategory for the item to fill your needs. 


If you are having trouble filling your order or can't find a product you need please call us at 208-366-2569 or 208-366-2550 or email wwequine@horsedentistry.com and we will do our best to help; we are a family business building over 350 different items. We custom build a variety of instrumentation for practitioners with special needs or circumstances and rebuild most for about half price. As always we thank you for your business.