Equine Dentistry Box Joint Fulcrum Forceps 16"
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Equine Dentistry Forceps

420 4010 16 * 16" Box joint fulcrum forceps for extracting the first two teeth of the cheek teeth batteries (arcades).  All cheek teeth box joint forceps built by World Wide Equine are especially designed to fit their respective areas and most can be used with one hand.  This doubles their utility value for the practitioner.  When you couple this with our poly fulcrum set, four position elevators and box joint spreaders you have instrumentation that allows competent intraoral extractions.  All WWE box joint forceps come with non slip knurled handles.

  • Great One Handed Forceps:
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 420 4010 16

Equine Dentistry Box Joint Fulcrum Forceps 16"

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