Diamond Incisor and Canine File
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Equine Dentistry Float for Incisors and Canines

Top gnathological practitioners report that these are the finest, fastest and longest lasting stainless steel diamond coated files they have ever used.  Some reports state practitioners have used this style diamond file full time on non sedated horses for up to three years without need for replacement.  Many reports state that horses don’t seem to mind work performed with these floats as much as other types of instrumentation.

Floats are coated with fine quality diamonds on two sides and both edges.  Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.


Testimonial by a 30 Year Gnathological Practitioner:

Equine Dentistry is about to have a major revolution. No longer must horses be sedated to the point where their nervous system is compromised and risk the possibility of colic merely to perform simple dental procedures on the incisors.

There is a new incisor float made of industrial diamonds, it was designed by Lloyd & Dale Jeffrey and is sold through their World Wide Equine company.  It is deceptively simple and most practitioners will be skeptical of its capabilities.

In the past, practitioners have relied on heavy sedation and carbide grinding burrs that stress the simple root structure of the incisors.

With this new floating instrument, assuming the dentist is a horseman, the sedation can be seriously reduced or avoided completely, depending upon the horsemanship of the dentist. Only a few trainers who have personal issues will try to convince you that sedation is beneficial for a horse.  If you complicate the trauma of mechanical dentistry with over-sedation, it is the horse that is vulnerable and has to endure the negative effects of both.

This new instrument will improve the skills and performance of the dentists who are horsemen and tens of thousands of horses will be thanking them and their owners.

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Diamond Incisor and Canine Files Eight Inch

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