Box Joint Stainless Steel Spreader
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Equine Dental Instrument

520 5002 19 * 13" Stainless Steel Box Joint Incisor Spreader:  This quality spreader is built on our box joint Hewson frame.  It is a useful instrument for loosening incisors, the occasional large wolf tooth and cheek teeth in miniatures and ponies.

This beautiful instrument is made by our master craftsmen at the World Wide Equine factory in Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA.  World Wide Equine buys supplies from over 600 different vendors to manufacture over 85% of our products in house.  We are a family corporation and proud of the fact our mission is to help horses and people all over the world as well as our manufacturing staff, associates and community.  We truly thank you for your business.

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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 520 5002 13

Box Joint Stainless Steel Spreader

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