Advanced Equine Dental Guide
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100 0117 *** ADVANCED EQUINE DENTAL GUIDE by Jeffrey: 60 Pages in color of useful equine gnathological information.


To Inform the Reader Concerning a Higher Level of  Practice

 The Five Pairs of Biomechanical Gnathological Determinates
 Engagement and Disengagement of the TMJ During Mastication and Performance
 Mandibular Biomechanics of Pitch, Yah, Roll and Transtrusion
 Correct Incisor, Cheek Teeth, TMJ Relationships 
 Aid In Preventing EOTRH:  Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis
 Aid In Preventing MPC:  Meniscus Pad Compromise 
 Arthrosis of the Hyoid Apparatus and It’s Relationship to Dentistry


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Advanced Equine Dental Guide

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