7000 Series Slim Line Floats
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Equine Dental Floats

231 7000 * Series Slim Line Floats have been popular for many years due to their great cutting ability and very low profile.  They can virtually get into places in the horse's mouth many floats can't access.   The shorter lengths of the 7000 Series Slim Line Floats work very well on ponies and miniature horses while the longer lengths work well as upper back floats in larger horses, mules and donkeys.  A 15" with a 15 degree upturned head works very well on upper arcades of most adult cattle. 

To float Lamas and Alpacas I use a 7000 Series 9" 15 degree upturned head on the upper batteries and a 9" or 11" straight 7000 series on the lower batteries.  I prefer the dipped straight pro-lite handles.  Dale Jeffrey

  • A Popular Item for Everyones Kit:
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  • Works well on cattle:
  • Works Well on Horses, Mules, Donkeys and Cattle:
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 231 7000

7000 Series Slim Line Floats

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