605 2000 Series Speculum for Horses and Cattle
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Equine Dental Speculum

The 605 2000 Series Speculum made from hardened tool grade stainless steel features the top of the line double stitched leather just like 605 2020.  Both speculums have the fine increments of adjustment in the ratcheting teeth making them very horse friendly instruments.  They are both very strong and light weight.  They come with regular tooth plates but can be upgraded to the extended large surface plates when ordering.  The major difference between the 605 2000 and the 605 2020 is the lack of interchangeable and reversible ratcheting mechanisms.  However the 605 2000 series speculum can be upgraded and rebuilt integrating the interchangeable parts later at the World Wide Equine factory in Idaho.

When using this speculum on cattle apply upside down and use upper gum bar.

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605 2000 Series Speculum

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