21" MMXV Water Cooled Hand Piece With ABS Handle
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MMXV ABS W: 21" & 12" MMXV with ABS handle and water cooled guarded and unguarded units in square or keyway drive.  All units are built by World Wide Equine in Glenns Ferry, Idaho from the finest non corrosive material avilable.  They have 5/16" titanium drive shafts running inside of stainless steel rifled tubes.  We use the finest gears on the market today running within a stainless steel gear box.  The ABS handles on these units are easy to grip and light weight.  The units weigh about 1.5 pounds making them very well balanced and easy to handle.  You can ad a 1/4" x 28 x 1/8" collet to the no guard machine and use any 1/8" shank burr or bit. 

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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MMXV ABS W

21" MMXV Water Cooled Hand Piece With ABS Handle

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