21" Long Straight Equine Tooth Grinder
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WWE LB *** 21" Long Straight Equine Tooth Grinder *** USA Built by World Wide Equine in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. This unit includes our best 24 grit Split Blue Diamond Burr. The grinders fit key drive Dremel and key and square drive Foredom flex shaft machines.  Features are rifled tubing, centerless ground shaft, adjustable position handle, keyway or square drive wrench, allen wrenches, bull nose removeable guard (standard or winged). We also have an adapter that screws onto the end of the shaft so you can use any 1/4" x 28 burr on this unit.  Trial units available; your satisfaction is guaranteed through our full service shop.

  • Fast Cutting:
  • Fast Cutting Diamond Burr:
  • Fast Cutting Diamond Burr:
  • Good Working Unit:
  • Horse Friendly:
  • Horse Friendly Instrument:
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: WWE LB

21" Long Straight Equine Tooth Grinder

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