1. Carbide Float Blades With Taped Back

Carbide float blades with taped back for 7000 Series, Low Profile, Bit Seat, Upper Back and other type floats using a tape system.  Float heads set up for taped in type blades have a lower profile than floats that take a slide in type blade being there is less material or bulk within the mouth.  Most practitioners find this type float easier to run than the bulkier standard slide in blade type.  Changing the blade takes a little more time than the standard slide in type.

To Change The Blade in a Float with a Taped Back:

  • Warm up the head
  • Pry out the old blade with knife or screwdriver
  • Clean the seating area of the float head with acetone; then  dry
  • Remove the backer paper from the taped back of the new or resharpened blade
  • Position the replacement blade in the desired position
  • Wrap the head and blade with cloth or leather
  • Put the wrapped head and blade in a vice and seat the blade firmly onto the float head
  • For best results do the work at room temperature, 72 degrees or above

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