01. MMXV Hand Pieces

MMXV Hand Pieces: Right Angle, Field Tested, 100% American Made by World Wide Equine, Inc.  

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed Through Our In House
Full Service Shop and Warranty Program on Parts and Labor 

We have demo and loaner units available.  If you need repair on your MMXV or a Retro-Fit on your Horse Power let us send you a unit to use while your unit is in our shop.  Our intent is to keep you working with no down time.

MMXV Testimonials

The MMXV is the first and last instrument I use while floating horses.  The weight, balance and ergonomic design make it a pleasure to use.  I'm very impressed with the stainless steel head.  It won't dent, even when chewed on.  I've floated over 1000 head with this smooth running instrument.  I definitely give it a thumbs up. 
Jeff Micheel CEqD
"I have used the MMXV on approximately 1300 horses and it is still running flawlessly.  The light weight really makes a difference through a long day of horses.  The hexagonal handle, I didn’t think I would like, but to my surprise it is more comfortable and user friendly than the round handles of other hand pieces on the market.  The gear set of this unit runs really smooth with no vibrations.  I am very familiar with the inner mechanics of multiple other hand pieces and the MMXV is Superior.  World Wide Equine eliminated the roller bearings that would wear out and have to be replaced yearly for most practitioners.  They replaced the small roller bearings with full contact, greaseable, non-rusting, sleeve bearings.  The drive shaft is larger (5/16”) light weight space age non-rusting titanium so warping or rusting would be a feat.  The way this thing is lubricated is different.  Not only does the head get greased but the whole shaft and sleeve bearings do also.  All together this new unit is very light, smooth, comfortable and should last for thousands of horses."
Tyler Dees, DVM CEqD
If you are having trouble filling your order or can't find a product you need please call us at 208-366-2569 or 208-366-2550 or email wwequine@horsedentistry.com and we will do our best to help; we are a family business building over 350 different items. We custom build a variety of instrumentation for practitioners with special needs or circumstances. As always we thank you for your business.